the first six months of twenty thirteen in numbers….



1 New Years ferry trip from Holyhead to Dublin following a 283.9 mile car journey from London, with car full with 3 boxes, 3 suitcases and many books. 3 flights. Very 1st flat in London left behind, eerily empty, ready for builders to turn it into a home for someone else. 2 trips to the Barbican. 1 new bright modern garden flat found in 3 hours, looking forward to 1 new life with 1 very special old friend! 1 piano looking to be played, 4 bookshelves looking to be moved, 14 cookery books looking to be used, 1 dining room table looking to be bought, 1 amazing neighbour living above us. 8 friends including 2 Stephens and 2 Johns over for the 1st dinner party squeezing into 2 benches and 4 seats around 1 garden table on 1st sunny weekend of the year. 276 Underground journeys, 9 Overground journeys, 3 normal trains, 2 DLR journeys, 1 trip on the London Eye. 2 trips to ping pong. 10 bikram yoga classes and 100 days spent thinking about going back to do more. 1 evening spent at a television set,1 evening spent at a potential television set.  2 attempts to buy furniture. 11 times that mel and i walked home from work. 3 cakes baked for office. 1 beautiful barn wedding in Oxfordshire. 32 days without wifi, spotify. 4 design shows. 4 days wearing summer clothes with black tights and winter boots. 36 hours spent learning a fantastic new hobby on the river. 3 days of fun when my friend came over from home to say hello. 1 trip to the highest cocktail bar in London. 2.5 hours walking home in the middle of the night showing her the non touristy things I love about this city. 4 plays. 3 hours of David Bowie in the V+A, reminding me why he is 1 of my favourite artists. 1 trip to rugby match. 3 times we have found and changed our favourite local. 2 marathons applied for. Number of days we feel grateful to live in London: 138
















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