..guilty pleasures… leopard print

Do you ever notice than when you have absolutely loads to get done, you find yourself incredibly distracted by all things bright and pretty and completely frivolous that you would rather surround yourself with instead?.

Today is one of those such days! I have to admit I am terrible for procrastination. I had so, so much to do complete today and unfortunately did not get through the hefty list as much as I would have liked… so instead of using my first Saturday of the year enjoying myself and having fun and playing in my new house, I was running errands and “catching up” on things that did not get finished during the week… Such a shame…

I did however, at lunchtime, treat myself to a New Years gift to myself by indulging in the most beautiful little leopard print shoes that I have had my eye on ever since I saw this image in “This Is Glamorous” over two years ago! That cheered me up no end. (Now to find a party that I can wear them to…!!)

viviana volpicella {assistant fashion editor, vogue nippon}

I am such a massive fan of little touches and flourishes of texture that make an outfit and / or space pop and I simply had to share my first of my many guilty pleasures with you!!!


from cashmere and cupcakes



from this is glamorous


from the blonde salad



from cashmere and cupcakes

anne sage

 from this is glamorous



from this is glamorous

white plus leopard this is glamorous

from this is glamorous


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