…this year I resolve to….

. . . we are fast approaching the final days of 2011 and what a wild and wonderful whirlwind it’s been. There is already in the air, a nostalgia for what we are leaving behind . . . while feeling at the same time, an overwhelming excitement for the days and months ahead.

. . there are still so many things left to discover, words left unspoken, and plans to be made. . . so let’s raise a glass to the past, to no regrets, to living life to the fullest, to the kindness of strangers, to family and friends, to morning cups of coffee and laughter on a cold winter’s night, to living big and appreciating the little adventures. .

There is so much to look forward to in 2012, a brand new year filled with the promise of new beginnings . . .
wishing you a happy & wonderful new year, where ever you may be!




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